tirsdag 27. juli 2010

Mud day 24. July

Sharad organized a Mud day at Panchkahal to give the children learning about the earth, water and life.
This happend on the 24th where all age group children will have chance to go with mud and celebrate rice planting session.

This is an event we organized every year with the children of Panch khal and the children from balmandir. The objective of all these activities is to give them learning and connect them with nature, so they will take care earth when the will grow. We are trying to put some writing also to this event about the feeling and the experiences of the mud . It’s a sharad effort to make the children happy with small learning.

Please see the pictures below the text - ENJOY

GREAT WORK SHARAD - we and the children thank you

Mud Day is also called Na
tional Paddy Day or Ashar Pandra (15th of the month Ashar in the Nepali calendar) was this past Monday, and it’s just like St. Paddy’s Day.

Ashar 15, popularly called Ashar pandra, the auspicious day for paddy planting in Hindu culture, is being celebrated Monday across the country.

Farmers mark the day beginning with paddy plantation followed by feast-like celebration with curd and beaten rice. People in the plantation field play with hilo(mud mixed with water prepared for plantation), which according to belief, cures skin diseases.

Ashare bhaka, the traditional Nepali song sung while planting, makes the day more musical and entertaining.

The government, some years back, declared the day as national paddy day in an effort to promote paddy production and diversify its varieties